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Dad Meat

Jun 27, 2020

While wishing one another a happy anniversary to commemorate our appearance on the Tonight Show six years ago, we admit to having some sour feelings about the experience, but agree that the highlight was that so many Middle Eastern perverts were able to wreck their meat to us on national TV. Tim also recounts a...

Jun 20, 2020

A star-studded return to the studio features the triumphant return of Mr. Tubs and the debut of Chef Chipper. These two put on a self-made man clinic, getting dick deep in the nuances of entrepreneurship and the value in charitable acts before topping the whole enchilada off with a bird warming story from Tubs...

Jun 13, 2020

Fresh off an incredible 36 hours in the wilderness, we look back fondly at the fires we gathered ‘round, the waterfalls we chased and the friendships we cemented. David James then kicks us into high gear talking about his new album, Kidnapping Season, available now on Apple Music.

Jun 6, 2020

We were honored to have a first class friggin’ sweet boy on this bad boy as we welcome LeMaire Lee. LeMaire rips our friggin’ hearts out of our chests talking about how he wants to settle down with a lucky lady and destroy tables during You-Gi-Oh battles with his son. The man has gone from Detroit to Amish country...