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Dad Meat

Dec 27, 2019

This is a groundbreaking episode of Dad Meat as we welcome our first Lady King, our friend, Brazilian jiu jitsu teammate and co-host of Two Jacked Bros, Ansley Cox. Ansley runs the tightest program of anyone we know, so take out a pen and paper and take some fuckin' notes. 

Dec 21, 2019

Silver Linings Playbook, Rocky 6, Creed, Creed 2 (Rocky 8), you name a Philly based movie, Jason Loftus has been responsible for putting people in them.

Our guest is a true dawg on the inside of the movie making industry and we were super excited to ask him all the retarded questions rattling around our heads. Also get...

Dec 14, 2019

Not a dry eye in the house when Tim presented Mike with the greatest gift since Christ's gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

Dec 9, 2019

Butterly and Rainey interview activist and Italian sandwich kingpin, NA Poe, at his new sandwich spot in Human Robot Brewery to delve dick deep into pot pioneering, pussy and positivity. Come get your bird rocked and go buy a fuckin' sandwich at Poe's Sandwich Joint in Philly. For an enhanced Dad Meat experience, check...

Dec 8, 2019

What up, Kings and Lady Kings! Enjoy this excerpt from our latest Patreon episode available at We deep dick some of the reasons why and how we've systematically cut all of the limp dildos out of our lives to become world class podcasters with hearts of gold and birds of granite. We love...